The judgment of the Supreme Court caused uproar among business owners.

The driver of a heavy goods vehicle can sleep in the cabin, but must be paid a lump sum because of the failure by the employer to the accommodation-ruled the Court 1.

So far, sharing a cabin with a place to sleep, and so provide a free accommodation, remove the employer from the obligation to pay the lump sum. However, the Supreme Court found that the floor mat in the car it is not. Transport companies must take care of the accommodation in hotels for all their drivers who on international routes. If you do not, the worker has the right to demand money.

The sentence meant that the driver may require payment of the arrears of lump sums for spending the night in the cabin of the vehicle for a period of three years.

“Such a claim is an average of 50 thousand. buy for the driver, and the total value of the potential benefits can be as low as £ 2 billion “

says Paul Trębicki from the Association of employers in the Transport and logistics Poland.

The need for the payment of lump sums is likely to lead to the bankruptcy of many transport companies. And it involves the liquidation of hundreds of thousands of jobs. The company, which manages to survive crisis, will be forced to change the salary system in accordance with the law. Consequently, drivers will earn less – adds expert.

It is necessary to develop a new legislative solutions. “The treatment of truck driver as the trip does not correspond to its specific characteristics. Moreover, the provisions may not guarantee that the driver will receive a lump sum as a permanent addition to work, regardless of whether they suffered expenses related to accommodation or not. This is contrary to the code of work “-selects Maciej Wroński, Chairman of transport and logistics.